A couple of months ago we indicated we would provide our next update sometime in March, but the decision was made to hold off in the hope we would have some great news for you.


Unfortunately, it is now the first week of April and the good news has not yet materialised.

This product is all set to be released, except for transport approvals from South Australia and Western Australia.

We have reloading data sorted.

We have transport approvals for all other States/Territories.

We continue to follow-up weekly with the regulatory bodies but it is a waiting game. Hopefully not too long now until we can release APS950 to our distribution partners and out into the wider market.


At our last update we indicated we had experienced performance that was not of the high standards you expect from an ADI World Class product. As a result, we have had to manufacture additional propellant and begin the process again – effectively throwing the existing propellant, and already generated reloading data, in the bin.

Our people at the Mulwala facility are working towards a finished propellant design, but it is still too early for us to provide an exact anticipated date of release.

What I can tell you though, if everything continues to go to plan, we will see APS650 being released sometime in May.

Of course, the COVID-19 global crisis continues to shape everyone’s lives on a daily basis and we can’t be sure whether this unprecedented situation will prevent us from finishing this project in the currently identified timeline. It is also unclear, given the newly announced restrictions on firearms dealers in Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria, how many dealers in those States will continue to be open for business.

In closing, if your local dealer is open and accepts backorders for propellant, please pay them a visit and get your orders in. While we believe we have adequately forecast market demand, people buying far more than they normally would may affect supply at your local retailer.