Dear Sporting Shooters,

For those that missed our first three news articles on this range of topics you can access them here: the first one addresses the factory and our APS range of propellants, while the second one talks about propellant demand and factory challenges and lastly the third article addresses the regional outlook for each State or Territory.

In this weeks’ article we’re going to be talking about our rifle propellants and specifically the packs and popularity/frequency of manufacture for each.

Rifle Propellant Outlook

AR2206(H), AR2208, AR2209, AR2213SC – These propellants are our core rifle range and account for the majority of the propellant we release to the market every year. These propellants will be available in both 1kg and 4kg bottles for the foreseeable future and we have these propellants represented through the different stages of manufacture almost constantly.

AR2217 – While this propellant is outside our core range, it is still a popular choice. However, due to production capacity constraints, the decision has been made to only offer this propellant in 4kg bottles through 2021. It isn’t made as regularly as our core rifle range above, but is typically made multiple times a year.

AR2225, AR2218 – Our two slowest burning propellants represent only a small amount of the propellant we release to the market every year. Due to this, combined with production capacity constraints, we’ll be offering these products in 4kg bottles only throughout 2021.

This is likely to be a welcome change for those that use these propellants as AR2225 was only previously offered in a 500gm bottle. As many already know, the smaller bottles disappear quickly when loading for common AR2225 calibres.

We make both of these propellants as often as we can, but have to balance market demand with onsite storage at the factory so we don’t affect storage of other necessary energetics.

Benchmark 1, AR2205 – Like AR2225 and AR2218, these propellants only account for a small proportion of our annual demand. Due to a combination of factors that include the aforementioned as well as manufacturing batch sizes, these propellants will not be manufactured in 2021. We hope to have these propellants available once more in 2022.

AR2207, AR2219, Benchmark 2, Benchmark 8208 – These propellants will continue to be offered in 2021, however we have consolidated the bottle sizes in an effort to manufacture more propellant and release it to the Australian market. These will be offered in 1kg bottles only for the foreseeable future. Production of these propellants is less frequent when compared with the core range (AR2206(H), AR2208, AR2209 and AR2213SC) but we still endeavour to make them in line with market demand.

Trail Boss – This propellant is unlikely to be released in 2021 and there continues to be an active research and development project associated with its delivery.