Dear Sporting Shooters,

For those that missed our first two news articles on this range of topics you can access them here: the first one addresses the factory and our APS range of propellants, while the second one talks about propellant demand and factory challenges.

In this weeks’ article we’re going to be talking about the regional outlook for each State or Territory around Australia.

Regional Outlook

Each State and Territory in Australia has its own set of legislation that needs to be followed, in order to safely and efficiently transport through, store in and sell propellant to retailers.

For example, Western Australia has restrictions on who can legally move propellant around within the State and it is limited to a list of ‘authorised’ carriers as dictated by WA Police. In New South Wales, couriers can carry up to 12kg of propellant before requiring a licence while couriers in Victoria can carry 50kg. These are just a couple of the regulatory issues that we have to navigate here in Australia that restrict the free transport of these types of goods, ultimately restricting their supply to end users.

As a result of these legislative considerations, combined with other factors such as snap decisions in response to COVID outbreaks, what follows is the regional outlook for each State and Territory. In some instances these have been broken down into more general regions.

  • Tasmania – Requires propellant to be ferried across Bass Strait. Deliveries are conducted whenever available in-State storage space and market demand dictate.
  • Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland – Regular deliveries to retailers from various in-State and out-of-State storage magazines. Limits in each State as a result of legislation can make it difficult and time consuming to move propellant around. For example, with limits on most couriers to the tune of 50kg (for example), it is commonplace that each courier pickup will only deliver propellant to a handful of retailers at best.Additionally, the ability to ‘top up’ in-State storage is restricted by total approved storage space and what propellants are available at any given time. Some times it makes more sense to delay a shipment and have a wider range delivered, than to rush the shipment and have key propellants missing until the next delivery.
  • South Australia – Deliveries as required from both in-State and out-of-State storage. Restrictions on what couriers can carry as with other States.
    Northern Territory – No in state storage magazine and is couriered in as required from another State. Partnership with an NT based firearm dealer to help store enough to service immediate requirements.
  • Western Australia – Deliveries occur approximately three times per year, however steps are being taken to increase this number. The additional cost of moving dangerous goods to WA, combined with the difficulties in moving it around the State, make it the hardest location in Australia to manage distribution to effectively.

In our next and final news release, we will address the outlook for rifle propellant.