Back in November 2019 we indicated that we hoped to have a much better understanding of specific availability timelines for both APS650 and APS950 near the end of January, 2020.

What I can tell you now is that APS950 has continued to progress in the right direction, and barring any specific hurdles, we anticipate it will be available sometime in March.

The same unfortunately, cannot be said for the progress of APS650, which has been delayed. During development of the reloading data our Senior Ballistician experienced performance that was not of the high standards you expect from an ADI World Class product. As a result, we have had to manufacture additional propellant and begin the process again – effectively throwing the existing propellant, and already generated reloading data, in the bin.

While each batch of propellant that is released has taken, on average, 6 months from start to finish to produce, followed by more time to get the propellant out to your local dealer via our distributors, we have some positive news with regards to APS650. The delay is expected to be short by comparison to the general production time, and we are still targeting a release in the first half of 2020.

We at Australian Munitions understand that this will be a blow to those hoping to use APS650 early in the year. At Australian Munitions we are always concerned about our end user’s safety, while delivering the high quality, consistent propellant you expect from us. We cannot in good conscience deliver a product to our loyal users that does not perform to our (and your) exceptionally high standards.

I look forward to offering our next update sometime in March, where we hope to have APS950 ready to ship out to the market via our distribution network.

In closing, if your local dealer accepts backorders for propellant, please pay them a visit and get your orders in. While we believe we have adequately forecast market demand, people buying far more than they normally would may effect supply at your local retailer.