Powder equivalents

Note: This table shows only approximate equivalent values within about 5%. Actual burning rates can vary depending on the calibre, firearm, loading components and practices, as well as from powder lot to lot. As a consequence, it must be understood that Australian Munitions cannot accept any responsibility for the use of this information in any way.

ADI Hodgdon Alliant IMR Winchester Vectan Norma Accurate Arms Vihtavuori
e3 N310
APS350 / AS30N Clays Red Dot AS N2010 NITRO 100
Trail Boss Bullseye Trail Boss
APS450 / AS50N International Green Dot 700X WST AA 2 N320
AP50N HP 38 PB W231
AP70N Universal Unique SR 7625 AA 5 N330
Herco WSF A1
800X WAP AA 7 N340
AP100 SR 4756
HS- 6 W540 3N37
HS- 7 Blue Dot W571 AA 9 N350
Steel Ba 6 N105
2400 SR4759 AA4100 N110
AR2205 H4227 / H110 IMR4227 W296 R- 123 AA1680 N120
AR2207 H4198 Reloader 7 IMR4198 W680 Tu 2000 N200   N130
Bench Mark 1               N133
AR2219 H322 10-X            
Bench Mark 2 BENCHMARK   IMR3031       AA2015  
Bench Mark 8208     IMR 8208 XBR          
AR2206 BLC( 2)       Tu 3000   AA2230  
  H335     W748       N135
AR2206H H4895   IMR4895   Tu 5000   AA2460  
AR2208 Varget   IMR4064       AA2520  
      IMR4320     N201    
            N202 AA2700 N140 / N540
  H380 Reloader 15       N203    
AR2209 H414/ H4350   IMR4350 W760 Tu 7000 N204 AA4350 N150 / N550
  H450 Reloader 19       N205    
      IMR4831 WMR     AA3100 N160 / N560
AR2213SC H4831              
    Reloader 22 IMR7828 WXR Tu 8000 MRP   N165
AR2217 H1000             N170
AR2225 Retumbo Reloader 25         Magpro  24N41
AR2218 H870/ H50BMG           AA8700 20N29