Dear Sporting Shooters,

It has been quite some time since our last propellant update.

We would like to assure you, the factory continues to run at maximum capacity, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and we’re supplying as much propellant to the market as possible. Any difficulty in accessing our propellants is due to unprecedented demand and not a reduction in manufacturing or supply to the Australian market.

Below is an update on our propellants and the popularity/frequency of manufacture for each.

AR2208, AR2209 – These propellants will be available in both 1kg and 4kg bottles for the foreseeable future and we have these propellants represented through the different stages of manufacture almost constantly.

AR2206(H), AR2213SC, AR2217 – Is typically made multiple times a year. AR2206(H) will be available in both 1kg and 4kg bottles, while AR2213SC and AR2217 will be available in 1kg

AR2225, AR2218 – Our two slowest burning propellants represent only a small amount of the propellant we release to the market every year. Stocks of AR2218 in 4kg and AR2225 in 1kg should last for some time and we plan on packing some AR2218 in 1kg later in 2022.

Benchmark 1, AR2205 – Like AR2225 and AR2218, these propellants only account for a small proportion of our annual demand. We hope to have these propellants available once more in 2022.

AR2207, AR2219, Benchmark 2, Benchmark 8208 – These propellants will continue to be offered in 2022. These will be offered in 1kg bottles only for the foreseeable future and AR2207 will also be available in 4kg. Production of these propellants is less frequent when compared with the core range (AR2206(H), AR2208, AR2209, AR2213SC and AR2217) but we still endeavour to make them in line with market demand.

Trail Boss – This propellant is unlikely to be released in 2022 as there continues to be an active research and development project associated with its manufacturing optimisation.

APS Propellants – As we’ve previously informed, we’ve had to make the incredibly difficult decision to pause active development projects and cease production of commercial reloading products under the Australian Pistol & Shotgun (APS) range for the foreseeable future.

ADI World Class would like to thank you for your continued support. We wish you a happy and safe New Year.