Dear Reloader,

As mentioned on, we had a production issue in 2013 that saw us unable to produce AP70N. After this was resolved, a propellant burn event at our flake (shotgun and pistol) powder drying building temporarily halted our production of these powders. Fortunately the building is operated by remote control, so none of our production personnel were injured.

Please note that this building only processed flake powder, and our rifle powder production was not affected in any way.

We are now preparing to recommission the flake powder drying facility, and will have AP70N on the shelves again towards the latter part of this year.

Our current stock of AP50 is also running low, and we expect that it may be in short supply during the second half of 2014 until we recommence production of flake propellant and get through the backlog of production of flake powders.

Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to speed up the process, but as safety is our number one priority, we are not able to restart production of flake powders until the new building is properly commissioned and can be operated to the highest safety standards.

I would like to emphasize again: production of rifle powders continues at full capacity, and we have ample stocks of all variants of rifle powders.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and for using our World Class powders, proudly made in Australia. As ever, we appreciate your custom.

Best regards,

Ferdi Kluever

Head of Sales, Australian Munitions