ADI Powders is launching its extruded Bench Mark 8208 propellant at this week’s Shot Show in Sydney, responding to consumer demand for a product that has gained significant plaudits overseas.

This short grain reloading powder is already a hit in the US, where it has quickly acquired a deserved reputation among serious shooters for accuracy and stability over a wide temperature range.

The secret to the powder’s success is found in ADI Powders’ legendary Ballistic Temperature Independence properties. Closely guarded manufacturing techniques, developed over many decades supplying military-grade powders, ensure that Bench Mark 8208 performs with rock-solid consistency in extreme heat and cold, easing the burden performance shooters face when dealing with changing temperatures.

As with all ADI reloading powders, Bench Mark 8208 will maintain consistency from lot to lot, meaning that a load developed for this powder will need less tweaking when moving to a newly-bought can. This consistency is the result of a stringent manufacturing process that focuses on quality from start to finish, and is governed by military production standards. Every lot of ADI sporting powder is tested for ballistic performance using specialised proof barrels.

Bench Mark 8208 is now available at retailers across Australia, and is perfected for today’s most popular match, varmint and hunting rounds. For a full list of suggested calibres and reloading data, please visit or ask your ADI propellant stockist for a reloading data sheet for ADI Bench Mark 8208.