Dear Sporting Shooters,

While it has been some time since we provided a formal update on our pistol and shotgun powders, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to finalise the development of the new powders from our modernised facility.

While the replacements for AS30N and AS50N/AP50N have been available for some time (APS350 and APS450 respectively), we’ve continued to face significant challenges in delivering alternative propellants for our AP70N and AP100 customers that meet the performance characteristics you expect from ADI World Class Powders.

Most recently, we’ve made significant progress on a propellant that is suited to replace AP100 and we anticipate that this propellant, to be named APS950, should be available in the market by October, 2019.

While we cannot currently provide a specific date that an AP70N comparable powder will be available, we expect this to be available a bit later this year and called APS650.

We at Australian Munitions understand that this is not the good news story our loyal customer base had hoped for. However in the interest of providing safe and consistent powder with the performance you expect from our products we’ve had to delay their release for longer than anticipated.

A Safety Message

While the propellants being release as equivalents from our new facility have been designed to meet the same applications, it is extremely important to remember that these propellants are fundamentally different from our current range consisting of AS30N, AS50N, AP50N, AP70N and AP100.

As with any new type or batch of propellant, please ensure that all appropriate reloading safety measures are conducted, and that loads are worked up from safe starting points.