A significant milestone for one of the Australian Defence Force’s key sovereign industrial capabilities was marked on 2 November 2018 with the celebration of 75 years of munitions production at Mulwala in southern New South Wales.

Further investment in research and innovation by Thales has created world-class capabilities at Mulwala in the development of propellant that is now rated as the world’s best for its ballistic performance.

The Mulwala facility, originally commissioned during World War II and now operated by Thales Australia trading as Australian Munitions, continues to be a vital support facility for the ADF, manufacturing propellant and explosives for Army, Navy and Air Force.

Australian Munitions Managing Director Dion Habner said:

“The major investment by the Australian Government in the facility over the past decade has created the world’s most modern propellant manufacturing plant, able to serve the ADF’s needs for decades to come.

“Mulwala and the sister facility in Benalla truly are the home of munitions manufacturing in Australia and together constitute the sovereign industrial capability in munitions for all the services.

“In addition to the investment by the Commonwealth, Thales is investing in R & D, manufacturing equipment and export promotion that is driving innovation in this business. The new long term strategic agreement on munitions manufacturing that is currently in negotiation will underpin further investment and safeguard the nearly 700 jobs across the Mulwala and Benalla facilities.

“Investment in research and innovation has created world-class capabilities at Mulwala, notably in the development of propellant that is now rated by many as the world’s best for its ballistic performance. By continuing to innovate and develop new export markets and an expanded product range for the ADF we believe the Mulwala facility will be a key sovereign capability for Australia for many decades to come.”