Dear Reloader,

On 16 March, Australian Munitions released a notice regarding future developments in ADI Pistol and Shotgun powders. The notice incorrectly stated that the new range of APS powders will be phased in from May this year (2015).

The new range of APS powders will be phased in from May 2016. Until then, Australian Munitions will produce enough AS30N, AS50N, AP50N and AP70N to ensure that the forecast needs of our Australian reloading customers can be met. In addition to this, we will produce adequate stocks of these powders to allow for a period of around one year where both ranges (APS and AS/AP powders) will be available.

Australian Munitions apologises for this error, it was simply a matter of human error in getting the date wrong.

We are aware that our customers in some areas are still experiencing some difficulties getting hold of our powders. This is partly due to absolutely unprecedented demand, coupled with some localised issues with distribution logistics. Transporting significant quantities of powder – classified as a Hazard Division 1.3C material – to all corners of Australia in full compliance with the various applicable state and federal regulations remains an extremely challenging task. We are working very hard to improve the situation, as we would like every reloader in Australia to have ready access to our products.

Enjoy our sport, and stay safe.

Ferdi Kluever

Sales Director, Australian Munitions