From time to time demand for a particular powder temporarily exceeds the forecast we have for it in our system. While we keep a buffer stock of all types of propellant, it is possible for a us to temporarily run out of stock. When this happens, the situation is often made worse by “panic buying” where any powder of the type that is in short supply is bought up by shooters worried they will not have enough to continue their reloading. Due to the complex nature of the production processes, we need about six months from when we decide that more of a type of powder is needed until it is packed and ready to ship.

We have not stopped producing any of the powders listed on our website and in our reloading guide, and our aim is to ensure 100% availability of all of our powder types at all times. Unfortunately, we cannot always achieve this due to operational issues or fluctuations in demand. Please visit for the most recent updates on any issues affecting the production of ADI powders.