Store smokeless powders in their original containers, which have been approved for that purpose.

Keep in a cool dry place separate from solvents, flammable gases and other combustible materials. Ensure that the storage area selected is free from any possible source of excess heat and is isolated from open flame, hot water heaters, furnaces, chimneys, flue pipes, etc. Avoid storing smokeless powders in areas, which may be heated by the sun or where electrical, electronic or mechanical equipment is operated. Do not allow containers of powder to contact walls of storage areas where the outside wall is exposed to sunlight or any other form of heating. Any such form of heating may result in spontaneous ignition, either immediately or at a later stage, due to accelerated chemical deterioration. An average storage temperature below 25ºC is recommended to obtain a safe shelf life of at least ten years from the date of packing. Increased storage temperature will reduce the safe shelf life significantly – by approximately one third for every 10°C above 25°C.