One of the first things to note is that powder is typically sold in one-pound jars in the USA, and that one pound is 453.6 grams. Australian reloaders buying 500 gram jars are therefore getting 10% more powder per jar than in the USA. Further, ADI Powders do not control the retail price of our powders in Australia. The retail price of powder is determined by the market, and gunshops are free to determine the price of powder according to their costs and profit requirements. This brings us neatly to the final factor determining the retail price of powder – the relatively high cost associated with moving powder around Australia in compliance with transport regulations as set by each state. In the USA, powder can often be shipped as ordinary freight, while in Australia it has to be moved by a licensed carrier of dangerous goods. The cost of compliance with these requirements is probably the largest single factor determining the retail price of our powder in Australia.