ADI export a range of propellant to the US market where they are rebranded by Hodgdon Powder Company. We share reloading data and technical information with Hodgdon, which helps keep our products at the cutting edge of performance and quality, also the sizeable volumes of Aussie-made powder we export to the US help keep local manufacture economically viable.

ADI / Hodgdon Propellants Equivilents

ADI Powder Hodgdon / IMR naming
Trail Boss Trail Boss
AR2207 H4198
AR2219 H322
BM2 Benchmark
Bench Mark 8208 8208 XBR
AR2206H H4895
AR2208 Varget
AR2209 H4350
AR2213H / AR2213SC H4831 / H4831SC
AR2217 H1000
AR2225 Retumbo
AR2218 H50BMG